Monobloc Series

RF 12/1 “G” “V”

RF 12/1 “G” “V”

The “Juniormatic” series perform the best in order to achieve the extremely results. This machine is linear, completely automatic and designed to a partial or wrap-around labels onto bottles. They are simple to operate and ideal for small and medium-sized factories.

Filling Machines

  • Filling system can be supplies in several versions depending on the product to be bottled.
  • RF ’G’, gravity filler (for products of low viscous and flowable).
  • RF ‘V’, high vacuum filler with indirect recycling of product returning from air pipe (for hot filling viscous products such as ketchup, sauces etc.)
  • Delivery of product into the central tank by means of a pump fitted with a solenoid valve.
  • Nozzles with a system of filled level adjustment and bottle mouth centering devices.

Capping Machines

  • Capper can be adapted for all commercially available types of caps.
  • Capper for applying screw caps with pre-threaded caps, safety caps, ROPP, plastic caps.
  • Mechanical cap sorter fitted at top of covering sending cap through the feed chute to the capping head.


RF 16/4″P” “GV”

Filling Machines

This section is composed of 16 specially designed filling nozzles for high vacuum filling. The infeed pump is suitable for the kind of product to be treated and complete with pneumatic actuated control valve. Vacuum is created with oil-less vacuum pump to assist suck back of excess product in the bottle to the vacuum intercepting tank and back to the product tank by pump.

Capping Station – by AROL of Italy

  • An automatic rotary type with 4 heads screw-on capper specially designed for soft cork press-on caps. The whole capping system is supplied by AROL of Italy.
  • Specially designed mechanical caps sorter assisted by pneumatic to sort the caps in the correct position and send through a stainless steel chute and to a specially designed head for ‘Pick & Place System’.
  • Capping head is driven by an electric motor and the descending movement is operated by cam system.
  • Built-in ‘Pick & Place’ system for positive capping of soft cork press-on cap onto the bottle.
  • Nozzles with a system of filled level adjustment and bottle mouth centering devices.
Monobloc Series