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At Fluidmech,
we believe every problem has a solution

Ever since our incorporation in 1978, we have been finding solutions to meet our customers bottling needs. Today, Fluidmech has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of rinsing, filling, capping, labelling, and packaging machines in Malaysia.

Fluidmech serves a wide range of industries including Food and Beverages, Toiletries, Household Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Petroleum-based Lubricants, and more. Our cutting-edge products are marketed not only in Malaysia, but also exported to overseas markets such as China, Singapore, Australia, UK, Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Nigeria, West Africa, and Jordan.

From a modest start, Fluidmech has gradually grown to be the only integrated manufacturer of bottling machinery in the country. The process involves inventory manufacturing, electrical design, assembly, installation, and after-sales services.

To us, quality is not limited to the product alone, it extends to the whole spectrum of our operations. We believe in being more than a simple supplier of bottling machines to our clients, aspiring to be a steadfast and reliable business partner.

About Us


The Pursuit of Perfection

Technology is for mankind.
While we constantly employ the latest technology in the pursuit of perfection, we never lose sight of our mission to provide value to our customers.

We believe every product that bears our name should incorporate the best of technology with the finest workmanship. We know the requirements of each customer is unique. Hence before the design of a product begins, technical data is collected and analysed. All the parameters are defined for us to develop an effective solution. This process continues with our after-sales service and customer relations.

To us, quality is a journey, not a destination. The moment we stop is the moment we will be left behind. Therefore, we are constantly striving for excellence so that our customers can be given the best possible service.

About Us


At Fluidmech, we place a great deal of emphasis on research and development to discover new technologies and improve on existing ones. In addition to our highly-skilled, well-qualified staff we have also invested significantly in the state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems as well as CNC equipment in our design and manufacturing. These are aligned with our critical analysis of current and future trends of the market, we arrive at an appropriate solution to be implemented and marketed.

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Our manufacturing process extends to the in-house design and installation of the electrical systems of our machines. Depending on the types of machine, the electrical system can be equipped with a programmable logic control or an advanced touch screen panel. A typical machine is equipped with an electrical control board placed on the side of the machine for easy reach. The control board features thermal magnetic switches, control switches, an electronic timer, and the main switch.

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A machine is only as good as the sum of its parts. Therefore to ensure quality, components and parts are carefully designed to match the specific function of the machine. Prototypes are extensively tested before they are finally approved for assembly. At our manufacturing facility, state-of-the-art machinery is used in the whole process. They include CNC Machine Centre, CNC Lathe, Automatic Band Saw, Argon Gas Welder, Plasma Cutter and more. Precision engineering is the key to our success.

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The assembly of the machine is the final stage of our manufacturing process. When all the parts and components are manufactured and tested, they are collected at our assembly floor. There the machine is skill fully put together part by part by a highly experienced team with a high standard of workmanship. The complete machine is tested to the highest standards before it is delivered to our customer for installation.

About Us


As an integrated manufacturer, we stock the majority of common parts for all our machines on the market. It is our commitment to great service to ensure a sufficient inventory of spare parts is available for all our machines. Providing satisfactory customer service is our prime priority.