Bottle Capping Machines

By Bryan Low

Fluidmech is a leading supplier of different bottling machines including labeling machines, packaging machines, filling machines, rinsing machines and capping machines. It has developed its own bottling solutions for various companies. It is important for you to consider their capping machines especially when moving from hand bottling and capping to using machines. The capping machines automate the production process and increase the productivity.

Types of Capping Machines
The capping machines are used in the application of metal and plastic threaded caps. They are built and designed with very high standards to incorporate innovative features and improvements to provide quality services. Fluidmech offers automatic and semi-automatic capping machines to meet different needs of different bottlers. The following are some of the types of capping machines that they specialize in:

1. Semi-automatic single head crew-on capper- Cappa SV2: It is designed to treat screw caps onto different sizes and types of bottles. It features a capping head with adjustable torque adjustment device and height to handle containers with different types of caps. It has different chuck heads which are designed to suite different types of cap profiles. It also has a pneumatic cylinder that operates the up or down stroke of the capping head. 

2. Automatic linear single head pick and place screw capping machine - Cappamatic 2500IL: It is a pick and place capping system that has been designed to provide a user friendly, low maintenance and versatile solution to most capping requirements. It is suited to environments that need high flexibility degree and frequent production changeover. It virtually eliminates cap misplacement or cross threading because it has a positive pick up of caps. It is adjustable by releasing quickly different parts like hand wheels, pneumatic gauges and levers. It has 2-liters containers that can be handled easily even at high speed. It is PLC controlled and hence simplified operation, assisted machine functioning and usage of simple ladder which is familiar to most electricians. 

3. Automatic single head screw-on capping machine - Cappamatic S’: It is an automatic single-head capping machine that was specifically designed to handle plastic screw-on caps onto all types. Its capping station has heads which are designed for screw-on caps. It has a mechanical cap sorter that is oriented and positioned on the caps to attach them onto the neck of the bottle through a special shaft. Some have advanced technical designs on their drive head to allow easier application on different types and sizes of screw-on caps. Their capping chuck heads are made to match the corresponding type of cap profile. The in-feed air pressure can be adjusted to regulate the cap application torque and allow capping of other types of PVC bottles. 

4. Spindle capping machines - They are very popular machines in the packaging industry. They use sets of matched discs and twirls caps onto bottles. They mainly use 3-4 sets of discs to tighten the caps. 

5. ROPP cappers - They are designed to seal caps onto containers. They have specially designed threads and knives to cap bottles and containers.

6. Lid-pressers machines and snap cappers - They are usually used for non-screw caps. They torque the caps onto the bottles and place them on the container using pressure through a belt. 

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